Outstanding Bearing as POTUS retrieves a Marine’s cover TWICE

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Outstanding Bearing as POTUS retrieves a Marine’s cover TWICE

It is a critical moment for any junior service member involved in some kind of ceremonial duty.  Inevitably, something always goes wrong at the worst possible time.

Even so, you are trained to handle it.

When the Commander-In-Chief fixes your uniform

Take a moment to remember when you’ve been in a similar position as this Lance Corporal (albeit perhaps not with POTUS).  You have spent hours preparing your uniform, polishing your shoes and each accessory

In fact, you’ve spent so much time on this uniform that you wear it for no other purpose other than these specific occassions.  You’ve rehearsed your role ad nauseum with members of your team.  You’ve prepared contingencies for every possible thing that could go wrong.

Why, because of Murphy… and it’s a good thing, because it’s Go time!

In this case, your job is to post beside Marine 1 awaiting POTUS’ arrival, present arms, order arms, and then post back to the staging area – all according to precise scheduling.

It seems, however, the helicopter’s rotor wash caused this Marine’s combination cover to become unseated and come to rest upside down on the tarmac, where it laid until the President took action for himself.

Recognizing the predicament, POTUS left the USAF Colonel accompanying him to Marine 1 to pick up the Marine’s cover.  Returning to the Marine, President Trump replaced the Lance Corporal’s cover, and then patted him on the shoulder.  The Marine stood still at attention, maintained his bearing even while uncovered, and did not salute as prescribed by Marine Corps regulations.

The winds, not to be out-performed, sent the Marine’s cover flying once more. The Marine unflinchingly kept his bearing.

Once more, POTUS walked to pick up the Marine’s cover.  This time, the Colonel relieved the Commander in Chief to board the helicopter.  Then, the Colonel stood at attention before the Marine, gave a proper ceremonial salute, and then replaced the Marine’s cover.

In my estimation, this was a phenomenal demonstration of military bearing and the mutual respect displayed between the Commander-in-Chief, a senior military officer and one a Presidential guard.


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