America’s Navy Salutes its Chief Petty Officers

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Set Yoke on your ears and Condition Zebra on your mouths!

Today, Navy Chiefs celebrate 122 years of excellence and service to our Navy. Since April 1, 1893, we have led our Sailors from the deckplates around the world.

Highlighting a full week of messages and media showing appreciation, admiration, and tradition of the U.S. Navy’s Chief Petty Officer mess, the Navy History & Heritage Command released the above video to honor and salute Navy Chiefs.

Here’s the text from the video:

[su_quote cite=”Silent Professionals: History of the Rank of Chief Petty Officer” url=””]We honor our Chief Petty Officers Celebrating 122 Years of Deckplate Leadership
General Order 409 Creates Rank April 1, 1893

They are Technical Experts
They are Deckplate Leaders
They Develop Junior Officers

Quiet, Humble, Servant-Leaders
Quiet – Their Actions speak for themselves
Humble – They Think More about Others
Servant Leaders – They put their People First

They Provide Sailors Opportunities for Success
They Treat them with all Dignity and Respect
They are endowed with Extraordinary Character

Americas Navy Salutes its Chief Petty Officers

Happy Birthday Chief Petty Officers!

Happy Birthday Chief Petty Officers!

Sound off… How have Navy Chiefs impacted your career?

How does a rich 122-year tradition of service contribute to the effectiveness of the Chief Petty Officer in accomplishing the mission?

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