RESERVISTS: New Link to view your current IDT Orders via RFMT

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Reservists, perhaps you’ve wondered why we dont have a site that will allow you to view your current Reserve Inactive Duty for Training (IDT) orders.

Of course, this seems like something that should be native functionality within Bupers Online… in fact, there is a link entitled view Current Orders! As many of you have realized, this link is only for our active duty brothers and sisters.

But there’s good news… Today the Navy announced a new web application within the CAC-protected Navy Reserve Homeport (NRH) Private site to give you direct and personal access to your current IDT orders…


So, now you can finally direct your Sailors to a self-service resource when they ask any questions, such as:

  • How can I access a current copy of my orders?
  • How will I know when my new orders are processed?
  • How do I know if I am cross-assigned?
  • Do my orders entitle me to IDTT funding?

Now when you get these questions, simply refer them to the link below, ask them to print their orders and schedule some time to review the orders with them for any further questions.

Here’s the link: IDT (Reserve) Orders Viewer

NOTE: To access a Sailor’s orders, you’ll need their full SSN and Date of Birth.  

UPDATE: Here’s the new link to RFMT to view Reserve Orders… 



To ensure this link is available whenever you need it, we’ve also included it on our Master Navy Link List.

Be sure to reach out to us via the comments below or via the contact us page to share any additional links you think may be useful to others Sailors.

Official CNRFC Announcement

With the upcoming implementation of directive manning, an improvement to our assignment process has been made to provide for more immediate, 24/7 access to view Inactive Duty Training (IDT) orders.  This new functionality provides our enlisted Sailors direct access to their current set of IDT orders (it is also available to Junior Officers, however they are also able to retrieve IDT orders via JOAPPLY). Sailors will be able to access their orders by providing a couple of pieces of information (social security number and date of birth).  Once entered, the Sailor’s current set of orders will be displayed, which can then be saved or printed.

The link to this application is: ( and can be found on the main CMS-ID Home Page (, the CMS-ID Reserve Job Page, and the Navy Reserve Homeport N12/N121 sites (

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