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Ensuring Navy commands conduct Career Development Boards (CDB) and document them in Career Information Management System (CIMS), which is accessed through the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS), is an important job of the career development team as CDBs become the backbone of a Sailor’s career in setting goals and guiding educational courses.

Typical topics covered during a CDB include watch-standing qualifications, continued education goals, advancement, short- and long-term career objectives, Perform-to-Serve (PTS) and Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) scores. Leadership can use CDBs to learn the priorities of the Sailor and align the Sailor’s priorities to the needs of the Navy.

Following the CDB, the detailed minutes and recommendations are captured in CIMS by the career counselor or member of the chain of command authorized by the command for documentation. This includes what was discussed and is used to help keep the current and future commands informed of the Sailor’s progress and career goals.

CIMS is available to all shore commands with Internet access and on board 150 ships using CIMS Afloat on the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel (NSIPS) server. As the Navy’s primary business solution for human resources management, NSIPS is the system and data platform on which CIMS operates. The primary function of CIMS is to assist career counselors and those responsible with tracking, conducting and documenting CDBs.

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This information was excerpted from “Career Development Boards Chart Course for Navy Career” released by Navy Personnel Command on 3/7/2012.

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