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ALNAV 077/13 – ‘WARRIOR CARE MONTH’ follows:

R 081244Z NOV 13 PSN 276014K20
ALNAV 077/13
RMKS/1. Providing assistance to seriously wounded, ill and injured service
members and their families is a top priority for the Navy. We take care of
our own - including active-duty, reserve, and veteran Sailors and Marines -
through programs such as Navy Wounded Warrior - Safe Harbor; the Marine Corps
Wounded Warrior Regiment; the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Wounded, Ill,
and Injured Warrior Program; and the Wounded Warrior Hiring and Support
Initiative. To further honor our commitment to wounded warriors and their
families - while also raising awareness of available support programs - I
have designated November 2013 as the Department of the Navy's Warrior Care
2. Warrior Care Month is a Navy and Marine Corps-wide effort to host events
and share information about wounded warrior support programs and commands
among service members and their families, as well as government and non-
government partners and the American public. Warrior Care Month also is a
time to spotlight the many achievements and contributions of wounded
warriors, and to recognize the support provided by their families and other
caregivers. This year's theme is "Warrior Care - Building a Ready and
Resilient Force."

Navy Wounded Warrior - Safe Harbor Logo

Navy Safe Harbor Program Logo

3. Throughout the month, the Navy will emphasize the importance of warrior
care and how it contributes to a "ready and resilient force." The Navy is
committed to the welfare of seriously wounded, ill, and injured Sailors and
Marines - at bedside, during rehabilitation, and throughout their transition
back to active duty or to civilian life with the support of the Department of
Veteran Affairs. Military treatment facilities are providing expert
restorative and rehabilitative care for wounded warriors on the battlefield
and beyond. Wounded warrior support programs address their non-medical
needs, allowing wounded warriors and their families to focus on recovery
without distractions.
4. Promoting resiliency ensures that wounded warriors can cope with
adversity - on the front lines or at home. Navy Wounded Warrior - Safe
Harbor and the Wounded Warrior Regiment are part of an extensive catalog of
Navy programs that enhance the mental, physical, and emotional health of
service members. They provide the gold standard of non-medical care to
wounded warriors and their families, offering resources that promote healing
and opportunities for success both within and beyond military service.
5. Families and caregivers are a critical source of support for wounded
warriors enduring the physical and emotional challenges that accompany
recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration. The Navy connects them with
critical resources to make their jobs as caregivers more manageable and
encourage resiliency. These resources include the Special Compensation for
Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL) program, Families
Overcoming Under Stress (FOCUS), Navy Child and Youth Programs, and Military
One Source.
6. Adaptive reconditioning promotes health and wellness, and it is critical
to the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of wounded warriors. This
month, select wounded warriors will compete in a joint-service seated
volleyball competition at the Pentagon Athletic Center, providing an
opportunity to remain active and to make valuable connections with other
wounded warriors.
7. Our commitment to seriously wounded, ill, and injured Sailors and
Marines, as well as their families and caregivers, is unwavering. I
encourage all Navy personnel to take an opportunity during Warrior Care Month
to join me in expressing heartfelt gratitude and support.
8. For more information about Warrior Care Month activities or about wounded
warrior programs, Navy Wounded Warrior - Safe Harbor can be contacted toll-
free via 1-855-NAVY WWP (628-9997) or at;
Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment can be contacted toll-free via the
Sergeant Merlin German Wounded Warrior call center at 1-877-487-6922 or at; the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Wounded, Ill,
and Injured Warrior Support can be contacted via 202-781-5272 or at
9. Released by Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy.//

Via the Navy Personnel Command ALNAV 2013 library.

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