FY-16 APPLY Board Results Approved & Released

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FY16 APPLY Board Results Approved

Applicants have been sent a system notification with instructions on how to view the results. Additionally, for guidance on how to view results, please review the RFMT Quick Guide available under the “References” section.

Additional Guidance

  1. APPLY Board awarded assignments are assumed to be accepted by selected officers and therefore, the requirement to “accept” assignments following the publishing of board results is no longer required. Officers electing to decline awarded billets must do so, through the RFMT website, within 14 days following the posting of the results, specifically, NLT midnight 28 SEP 2015.
  2. Senior Officers (O5/6) who decline a billet which was specifically requested on the officer’s dreamsheet are ineligible for post-board assignments (Interim Fill (IF) or Overgrade Waiver (OGW)) and are subject to the terms of RESPERSMAN 1300-010, Refusal of Orders, and will be transferred to non-pay. Officers who decline a billet not specifically requested on the officer’s dreamsheet (a “suggested” billet following a member’s indication that they would accept other billets) are eligible for post-board assignments (IF or OGW). Senior officers not selected for a post-board assignment (IF/OGW) will be transferred to non-pay.
  3. Senior Officers in a non-pay status (IRR/VTU), who have been selected for an FY16 APPLY board billet, will be assigned to their prospective units in an In-Assignment-Processing (IAP) status from 1 October 2015 to 30 November 2015 and will commence their APPLY board billet assignment effective 1 December 2015.
  4. Junior Officers (JO) declining a billet which was specifically requested on the officer’s dreamsheet will not return to their previous JO assignment and will be subject to transfer to non-pay.   JOs who decline a billet that was not specifically requested on the officer’s dreamsheet will remain in their current JO assignment.

How to View Results (CAC-required)

The complete list of results can  be found under the references section.  Applicants, to view your individual results, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Reserve Forces Manpower Tools (RFMT) website.
  2. From the top menu, click My Record.
  3. From the left navigation pane, select Application History.
  4. In the APPLY Applications grid, select Results next to your FY16 application.
  5. The APPLY Application Results dialog will appear, displaying the results of the FY16 APPLY Board.

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