I Just Got Advanced.. Now, When Do I Get Paid?!

0 Here's how to calculate your pay date
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The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) provides monthly pay increment quotas.

These quotas are uploaded into the Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS) and spread across all ratings by pay grade.

Selectees for PO3, PO2, and PO1 (E4, E5, E6) are advanced according to their Final Multiple Score (FMS), not their exam Standard Score (SS).

Selection Board advancement is by seniority ranking (E7/8/9) per individual rating.

Once your pay date is determined, your Profile Sheet will be updated with the actual date of advancement.

If your profile sheet status says SELECTEE, then you are not getting paid that month. Check it again the first week of the next month.

Sailors selected for advancement to E4, E5 and E6 advance at a rate phased at no less than 3% per month for the first five months of the six-month pay increment. The majority of Sailors will advance in the final month of the advancement cycle.

The pay increments for each exam cycle are as follows –


Advancement Exam Cycle Pay Increments Pay Periods
JAN (Active) and FEB (SELRES) E7 CPO 12 Sep (current year) – Aug (following year)
FEB (SELRES) and MAR (Active) E4/5/6 6 Jul (current year) – Dec (current year)
AUG (SELRES) and SEP (Active) E4/5/6 6 Jan (following year) – Jun (following year)
NOV (Active and SELRES) E8/9 12 Jul (current year) – Jun (following year)

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