FY-15 Senior Chief Results Released – Cycle 221 SCPO List!

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Active Duty Senior Chief results (FY-15) for Cycle 221 have been posted!

FY-15 active-duty Senior Chief selection board results have been released.

A hearty congratulations are in order for the Navy’s tried and true as they are recognized with a Star upon the eye of their anchors!

The newly appointed Senior Chiefs follow a long tradition of Chief Petty Officers who have been tested, tried, and accepted as deckplate leaders in their respective ratings.

The rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer was established at the pay grade of E-8 under a 1958 Amendment to the Career Compensation Act of 1949.

See the following statement from the Navy Historical Center to learn more about the history of Senior Chief and Master Chief Petty Officers in the U.S. Navy.


[su_quote ]The pay grades of E-8 and E-9, Senior Chief and Master Chief, were created effective June 1, 1958, under a 1958 Amendment to the Career Compensation Act of 1949. Eligibility for promotion to E-8, the Senior Chief level, was restricted to Chiefs (Permanent Appointment) with a minimum of four years in grade and a total of ten years of service. For elevation from E- 7 to Master Chief, E-9, a minimum of six years service as a Chief Petty Officer with a total of 13 years service was required. The E-5 through E-9 levels included all ratings except Teleman and Printer which at the time were being phased out of the naval rating structure. People holding those ratings were absorbed or converted to Yeoman or Radioman from Teleman and primarily to Lithographer from Printer. Service-wide examinations for outstanding Chiefs were held on August 5, 1958, with the first promotions becoming effective on November 16, 1958. A few months later, a second group of Chiefs from the February 1959 examinations were elevated to E-8 and E-9 effective on May 16, 1959. The names of the first two groups of selectees are listed in Bureau of Naval Personnel Notices 1430 of October 17, 1958, and May 20, 1959. It is noted that after the May 1959 elevations, promotions to E-9 were through Senior Chief only.[/su_quote]

“History of the Chief Petty Officer Grade”
Naval History and Heritage Command

Scroll down to the see the FY-15 Active Duty Senior Chief results.

FY-15 Senior Chief Board Results – U.S. Navy

Active Duty


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