FORCM Mitchell – Reserve CPO Results & NROWS Guidance

FORCM Mitchell & YNCM Dyer pass FY-15 Reserve CPO Board results update & CPO 365 Phase II guidance
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Update: Here are the Reserve CPO Board Results & Selectee List

According to recent email from Navy Reserve Force Master Chief (FORCM) CJ Mitchell, the FY-15 Reserve CPO Board is underway and results are expected to be released “sooner than in the past 2 years.”

FORCM Mitchell did not release the exact date of the Reserve CPO Board Selection message publication and neither was the date announced in NAVADMIN 306/13; however, his comments suggest a much quicker turnaround of results than in years past.

Note: Active Duty Board-eligible Petty Officers can expect to see their results shortly after the Active Duty CPO Selection Board convenes on June 24, 2014, according to NAVADMIN 288/13.
FY-15 Reserve CPO Board Update

CNRFC passes updates about FY-15 Reserve CPO Board

In addition, CMDCM Green, YNCM Dyer and the staff at Commander Naval Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC) have already begun preparations to execute orders for CPO 365 Phase II & Final Test evolutions.

Given the current budgetary environment, the CNRFC surely has their work cut out for them as they make preparations for CPO Selectees to participate in CPO 365 training.

According to YNCM Dyer, Active Duty for Training (ADT) funding is available; however, CPOs and CPO Selectees are directed to “use the funding as an absolute last resort!”


The following instructions were made available by YNCM Dyer, CNRFC Operations SEL, to assist in the orders process.

NROWS Orders Guidance for CPO Selectees

Rules of engagement for “Selectee” funding ONLY:

  1. FY-15 Reserve CPO Board Selection message will be used to verify/approve all order requests.
  2. CPO Selectee orders must be executed at the NOSC nearest to their home of record.
  3. Orders will be written for 5 days with 1 day travel on the front end.
  4. The travel day cannot be scheduled on the same day of an IDT drill.
  5. Specific language applied to NROWS applications and orders:
  • Justification: To attend mandatory CPO 365 Phase II training IAW OPNAVINST 5351.2A, NAVADMIN 272/08, and MCPON Guidance
  • Funding Source: Enlisted Training – Quarters: Available (NOSC will stamp orders locally to determine authorized per diem rate)
  • Messing: Available and directed (NOSC will stamp orders locally to determine authorized per diem rate)
  • Tour Section: Everything must be “NO” with the exception of “Sailor has a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC)”

Requests for selectees to travel to a site other than the closest NOSC to their home of record must be approved by CNRFC N7 SEL.

POC for all “Selectee” funding matters is DCCM(SW)John Webster. He may be reached via commercial: (757)322-6606 or via email:

Funding guidelines for the USS Constitution Reserve Week will be addressed on separate correspondence.

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