Full Navy IMS Codes & MAS Code Listing

Full Navy IMS Code Listing

Individual Mobilization Status

General IMS Codes

RXX Precedes R##.   HQ use only for planning purposes.
RYY Precedes R##.   HQ use only for planning purposes.
R## ID’d for MOB
RC1 NRA verbally contacted Reservist ID’d for MOB
RC2 Mobilizing Reservist completed medical screening (NAVMED 1300/4 through 1300/11)
RC3 Mobilizing Reservist departed NRA and is en route to NMPS (closes Reserve pay record)
ROC MOB orders cancelled prior to execution
RU1 NRA unable to verbally contact Reservist ID’d for MOB after 14 days
RU2 NRA unable to verbally contact Reservist ID’d for MOB after 30 days
RUA NRA verbally contacted Reservist ID’d for MOB, but Reservist did not report as ordered
RDD Member declared a deserter.  First obtain Ech IV and CNRFC N35 concurrence.

Activation Status

RM1 Gained to active duty.  Reservist officially mobilized.  (system generated)
RVC Serving on 12301D (volunteer) orders or other voluntary MOB orders
RM2 Reported to ultimate duty station
RM3 Remaining on active duty
RM4 Reassigned to another command
RM5 Administrative hold
RM6 Judicial hold
RM7 Medical hold, Medical Eval, Medical Delay
RM8 Discharged from active duty
RM9 Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL)
RMR Retired from active duty
RMD Died on active duty
RML Released to NMPS/PSD for out-processing
RMP Reported to NMPS/PSD for out-processing

Deactivation Status

RD1 Released from active duty (system generated)
RD2 Reported back to NRA
RDA Dwell time has expired (system generated)

Mobilization Delay Codes

D7G 1-3 day delay granted by NRA CO with approval from CNRFC N35
D3P 4-30 day delay pending (applied for)
D3G 4-30 day delay granted by CNRFC N35
D6P 31-60 day delay pending (applied for)
D6G 31-60 day delay granted by PERS-9

Mobilization Deferment Codes

DMC Non-deployable mother, child less than 12 months old
DMT Temporary medical deferment, awaiting adjudication
DTH High school student, under 20 years old
DTX Not completed basic/equivalent training
DTR Attending validated religious leader training
DTC Designator/rate conversion training
DTM Attending authorized medical/dental school
JDP Judicial proceedings pending (entered by Ech IV/V)
DJP Judicial proceedings pending (entered by Ech II)

Mobilization Exemption Codes

EMP Pregnant
EMN Not physically qualified for MOB (MRR package submitted and/or CNRFC N35 directs use)
EMD Deceased
HPP Personal hardship exemption pending
HPG Personal hardship exemption granted
HCP Community hardship exemption pending
HCG Community hardship exemption granted
EJC Confinement by civil authorities
EJM Confinement by military authorities
EJP On probation, may not leave court jurisdiction

Availability After DDE (Delay, Deferment, Exemption)

NAO Expired DDE- fully available for MOB
NAI Expired DDE- available for CONUS MOB only
EAK ADSEP- Key Employee
EAE ADSEP- erroneous/defective/fraudulent enlistment
EAD ADSEP- drug/alcohol abuse
EAP ADSEP- unsatisfactory participation in the Ready Reserve
EAC ADSEP- conscientious objector
EAS ADSEP- sole surviving son/daughter
EAM ADSEP- misconduct
EAR Processing for retirement
EAO ADSEP- not extending obligated service (EOS)
EAT Enlisted in active component

Full Navy MAS Code Listing

Manpower Availability Status

Administrative MAS Codes

AAP Admin action pending which may preclude mob
ACB Not selected for continuation
ACR Conditional release from the Navy Reserves
AFP Security Clearance Issue
AKE Key state/local employee
APB Enlisted probationary drill status (UNSAT)
ARR Retirement request submitted or pending approval
AS1 Affil. within 7-12 mos from RELACDU – 12 mos defer
AS2 Within 6 months of HYT
AS3 Member is single parent (non-custodial); no FCP
ASD Member has active/reserve spouse needing FCP
ASF Member ineligible for force protection duties
ASO Sole surviving son/daughter
ASP Member single parent/guardian needing FCP
AUP Unsatisfactory driller
MPT Two PFA failures in the past three years
TS1 Affil. within 6 mos from RELACDU – 24 mos defer

Medical / Dental MAS Codes

MDF Dental Class IV
MDT Dental Class III
MNN Not physically qualified for deployment OCONUS
MPC Pregnant
MPP Non deployable mother child < 12 months old
MPQ Temp. not physically qualified for Mobilization
MS1 Temp not physically qualified, MRR/PEB submitted

Training MAS Codes

OWS Member on ADSW
SAD Sanctuary risk – has 16 years or more of active duty
TBH NPS Basic/DCO, IADT, school not completed
THS Mobilization Capacity Hold
TMS Attending authorized medical school
TRL Attending validated religious leader training
TRP PRISE-R/designator/rate conversion training
VOL Volunteer for mobilization/recall

Other MAS Codes – No longer in use

MP1 Medical spare
MS2 Medical spare
MS3 Medical spare
OAT Member on AT/ADT
OTN On ADT less than 180 days not in support of OPS
OTS On ADT less than 180 days in support of a crisis
TBX Less than 84 days of active duty (CONUS mob only)
TCB CB-Vet program
TDX Completed IADT
TS2 Training spare
TS3 Training spare
TSP Stipend participation
VLI Volunteer for INCONUS only
VLO Volunteer for OCONUS only
VLU Volunteer to go with assigned Unit only
VS1 Volunteer spare
VS2 Volunteer spare

These IMS and MAS Codes are current as of dates referenced in the source documents below.