Reservists: How to Reschedule Drills & Electronic Muster via EDM

0 Navy Reserve EDM: Rescheduled Drills & Electronic Muster Explained
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As of July 1, the Navy released Enhanced Drill Management (EDM), a brand new drill management system to help Reservists manage rescheduled and additional drills.  The Navy Reserve EDM system is hosted within the Navy’s Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) and is available for use by all Navy Reservists.

This system incorporates the benefits of the previous system, Real Time Administration of Reservists (RTAR), while incorporating security and privacy upgrades.

The system  is fairly easy to use… in so far as NSIPS is easy to use.   Nonetheless, we’ve included the following steps to help you use the new system to reschedule your drills like a Chief!  For those

Enhanced Drill Management (EDM)

Enhanced Drill Management (EDM) is the Navy Reserve’s new, self-service drill management tool within the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS), and will be accessible 24/7.

EDM is part of the Navy Personnel and Pay Modernization effort, aimed at providing an automated business process for managing Inactive Duty Training (IDT) periods, and individual Reserve Sailor mustering. EDM was made available beginning 1 July 2014.

To access EDM, log on to your NSIPS self-service account at
UPDATE: the new link is

How to Reschedule a Drill with the EDM System

  1. Member requests rescheduled dates VIA EMAIL from their LPO, DIVO and Dept Head.
  2. Once Approved by the member’s LPO, DIVO and Dept Head, Member logs into NSIPS at (NOTE: CAC Required, NOT Email Certificate).
  3. On the NSIPS Home Page, Select the EDM Home Page link (NOTE: This takes 1-2 mins to load the page).
  4. Skip this step and go to Step 5 if the Member has already logged in and updated their information.
    • If this is the first time logging in, Select Edit Email Address and Phone Numbers
    • Verify information is correct and Select Primary checkboxes for Phones & Email Addresses
    • Select the Save button.
    • Once saved, Select the EDM Home link on left side of screen (NOTE: This takes 1-2 mins to load the page).
  5. On the EDM Home Page, Select the Create New IDT Request button.
  6. Select the Type of Request Dropdown Arrow, then Select Reschedule.
  7. Complete all the fields, then Select the Tasks and Accomplishments button.
  8. Fill in the box with what you plan to do during this drill period then Select OK.
  9. Double check all fields for possible errors, then Select the Submit button.
  10. Unit CO/XO will verify then Approve/Disapprove the drill request.
  11. If the rescheduled drill is Approved, the Muster Requirement must be completed.

How to Submit an Electronic Muster Report for a Rescheduled Drill

  1. Member musters with an E6 or above to verify member is present.
  2. Verifier then logs into NSIPS at (NOTE: CAC Required, NOT Email Certificate).
  3. Verifier Selects the EDM (Located on left side of home page) and Selects the Electronic Muster Report.
  4. Since searches are case sensitive, Verifier then types in one character of member’s last name in uppercase in the Name field box (Example: PO2 John Smith = S) or you can type in the UIC in the Department field box and then Select the Search button.
  5. Verifier Selects member’s name.
  6. Under the Drill Period Muster column, Select the Drop Down Arrow for Present.
  7. Select Task and Accomplishments button and verify the box is filled in, and Select OK.
  8. Under the Submit column, Select the checkbox.
  9. Verifier then Selects Save button.
  10. Unit CO/XO will then verify the completed muster & Approve/Disapprove it.
  11. After Unit CO/XO Approves the muster, it is then routed to NRA (NOSC) for processing and pay.

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