New WebTA Process makes Approving College Money Faster!

The New and Improved way to get your Navy College funded FAST!
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New WebTA Process makes Approving College Money Faster!

The Navy College Program launched an brand new update to the My Education portal on June 27, significantly improving the Web Tuition Assistance (WebTA) approval process for Sailors taking off-duty education courses.

Faster Approval with new WebTA

“The improvements allow for faster enrollments, grade posting, invoice payments, and make voluntary education less stressful for our Sailors.”

Previously, Sailors had to wait for Navy College staff to manually verify and authorize their WebTA applications after command approval. The new process automatically checks/validates the Academic Institution’s information, and validates the Sailor’s status.

As part of the update, the My Education portal also adds a module where Sailors can select their courses/tuition rates and have those automatically uploaded to the WebTA voucher.

Get your WebTA Tuition Assistance approved quickly

Of course, in order for a Sailor to have their WebTA request accepted and command approved, they need to meet specific training and policy requirements, (training completed, academic counseling by a Navy College Counselor, degree plan uploaded, passing the PRT, recommended for advancement, etc.) to qualify.


Navy College Web Tuition Assistance (WebTA) information

Navy College Web Tuition Assistance (WebTA) information

To begin your WebTA application, go to  ( – CAC required).

Are there any changes to WebTA training requirements?

No, all WebTA training requirements remain.  As it goes in the Navy, there is always mandatory training – in this case, TA Policy and Procedures and the Joint Knowledge Online Higher Education Prep Course.

Navy College Education Counselors also provide the required academic counseling to help Sailors define their goals and select an education program.

When all requirements have been met, Sailors are able to create, save, and submit their WebTA application, entering the Command Approver’s e-mail address. WebTA requests received prior to 27 June will continue to be manually processed until all are funded.

When do I need to submit my application to be approved in time for class?

It is highly recommended that WebTA applications be submitted no later than 30 days in advance, but all WebTA applications MUST be command approved no later than 14 calendar days prior to an AI’s published term start date. Applications may be submitted for approval up to 120 days prior to term start dates.

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