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Enlisted Applications for the Blue Angels Enlisted Team due within 4 weeks!
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Perhaps you’re like me and your family took you to see the U.S. Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team or simply “the Blue Angels” at a local airshow when you you were a child.

If so, you probably remember the screaming engines, the vibration of the air and ground as the jets roared past, and the sonic boom delivered when the F/A-18 Super Hornets (or F-14 Tomcat if you’re old school) broke the sound barrier.

In case you missed that last part, here’s a video to remind you!

F/A-18 Sonic Boom - "This is It!"

Or perhaps it was the movie Top Gun that made such an impression on you that your destiny became intertwined with that of the U.S. Naval Aviation community.

Whatever the case, Sailors in the below enlisted ratings now have an opportunity to realize those dreams, but there’s not much time.  You’ve got 4 weeks to get your package together and polished, routed through your chain of command, and on to the Commanding Officer of the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron.

So, if you’re in the following ratings and are pumped by the above video (and any of the 7 airshow videos you watched after that…), check out NAVADMIN 004/15 below to review package requirements.

Best of luck, Shipmate.

Carpe Diem!

Open Enlisted Billets / Ratings

U.S. Navy “Blue Angels” Flight Demonstration Squadron
  • AD2

  • AE1

  • AM1, AM2, AM3

  • AME2

  • AO2

  • AS2

  • AT1, AT2

  • AZ2

  • HM2

  • LS1, LS2, LSSN

  • MC1, MC2

  • PR2

NAVADMIN 004/15 follows:

R 051539Z JAN 15




RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces requirements and solicits enlisted 
applications for the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (NFDS) Blue Angels 
2016 season.  Applications must be postmarked by 1 May 2015. Selection 
results will be available by June 2015.  Personnel with a projected rotation 
date of September 2015 through April 2016 are eligible, but others may apply 
with command and detailer approval.  Personnel selected will normally detach 
from their present command in October 2015 and report in early November 2015.

2.  There are open billets within the following ratings and pay grades: AD2, 
AE1, AM1, AM2, AM3, AME2, AO2, AS2, AT1, AT2, AZ2, HM2, LS1, LS2, LSSN, MC1, 
MC2 and PR2.  Additionally, we are accepting applications for chief petty 
officer billets in the AD, AE and AM rates. Platform specific experience is 
not a requirement to apply.

3.  Personnel selected for this unique and demanding duty represent the 
hundreds of thousands of Sailors and Marines serving throughout the U.S. and 
abroad.  Applicants must meet the requirements listed below to be considered 
for duty with the Blue Angels (waivers are not normally considered):
    a.  Must not be in receipt of permanent change of station orders before 
final selections are made in June 2015.
    b.  No non-judicial punishment or courts-martial convictions in the last 
36 months.
    c.  No alcohol-related incidents (civil or military) in the last 36 
months; driving under the influence/driving while intoxicated convictions 
within the last five years are disqualifying.
    d.  No financial instability/command directed counseling in the last 36 
months; applicants must be eligible for a government credit card (this is not 
    e.  No physical fitness assessment failures in the last 36 months; 
personnel who have had medical waivers in the last 24 months will be 
considered on a case-by-case basis only.
    f.  Visible tattoos while wearing the enlisted service uniform must be in 
compliance with uniform regulations.  Sleeve style tattoos are prohibited.
    g.  Must possess a valid and current driver's license.
    h.  Re-enlistment approval is not required to submit an application.

4.  Interested candidates meeting the above requirements must first submit a 
fully completed NAVPERS 1306/7 (Enlisted Personnel Action Request) and 
NAVPERS 1306/92 (Special Program Screening Form) per MILPERSMAN 1306-919 to 
their respective rating detailer via their commanding officer.  After 
submission of NAVPERS 1306/7 and NAVPERS 1306/92 to their detailer, 
applicants must submit an application to NFDS using the following criteria 
(ensure all telephone numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses are 
    a.  Commanding officer signed letter of endorsement on command 
letterhead, which must include:  a statement on military appearance and 
tattoos, an evaluation of the member*s speaking ability, the member*s 
demeanor, professional knowledge, and leadership skills.
    b.  Copy of NAVPERS 1306/7
    c.  Original NAVPERS 1306/92
    d.  Include copies of last five evaluations
    e.  Provide official 5 x 7 inch photograph (front, side, back) in 
enlisted service uniform uncovered (khakis for E7-E9 applicants).  NOTE: 
Common application errors include lack of detailed contact information, 
unsigned NAVPERS 1306/7 and 1306/92, 1306/7 not sent to detailer, no 
commanding officer endorsement, missing evaluations, photos not included, 
packages sent to detailer rather than NFDS and earliest and latest transfer 
dates not filled out in remarks section of NAVPERS 1306/7.

5.  Applications can be sent via e-mail to jason.burmeister(at) or by 
mail to: 

    Commanding Officer
    Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron
    Attn:  LSC(AW) Jason Burmeister
    390 San Carlos Road Suite A
    Pensacola, FL 32508-5508

6.  Applicant*s medical record will be reviewed during the application 

7.  Candidates should call NFDS two weeks after mailing their application to 
verify receipt and to schedule an interview.  All personnel currently 
stationed in continental U.S., including those who may be deployed, but will 
return prior to final selections, are highly encouraged to interview in 
person, but not required.  Funding for travel is provided by the service 
member or their parent command.  NFDS does not provide funding for 
interviews.  Personnel permanently assigned outside the U.S. (including 
Hawaii and Alaska) or while deployed will interview via telephone.  Personal 
interviews are conducted at Naval Air Facility El Centro, CA from January to 
March; interviews are conducted at Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL, or any 
show site from mid-March through May. Last week to interview will be 10-14 
May 2015.

8.  Point of contact is LSC(AW) Jason Burmeister (760) 339-2005/DSN 658 (from 
3 January to 14 March 2015) or at (850) 452-2086/DSN 922 (after 15 March 
2015) or via e-mail at jason.burmeister(at) For further information, 
visit the Blue Angels web site at

9.  This NAVADMIN is canceled for record purposes on 31 December 2015.

10.  Released by Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1.//


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