Remembering the Fallen Sailors of the USS Fitzgerald

 •  June 20

Remembering the Fallen Sailors of the USS Fitzgerald The entire U.S. Navy community is mourning the death of the seven Sailors who...

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FY18 Senior Chief Results released – NAVADMIN 131/17

 •  June 1

FY18 Senior Chief Results released – NAVADMIN 131/17 Today, the Navy released  the FY18 Active Duty Senior Chief results.  Congratulations...

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Navy Marine Corps Medal awarded to MA2 Mark Mayo for heroism

 •  May 5

Navy / Marine Corps Medal

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The Best 50+ Web Resources for Transitioning Navy Veterans

 •  September 28

Veteran Web Resources Have you ever wondered where to turn for help getting out of the military?  You’re probably concerned that the Career Counselor...

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FY-16 APPLY Board Results Approved & Released

 •  September 14

FY16 APPLY Board Results Approved Applicants have been sent a system notification with instructions on how to view the results....

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ATTN Airdales: Navy Combat Jets throughout History

 •  August 24

Airdales, this one’s for you… Sploid released a new video highlighting each of the U.S. Navy’s Combat Jets throughout the history of American...

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FY17 SCPO / MCPO Selection Board Message – NAVADMIN 196/15

 •  August 20

Here’s to all the anchors who are getting the job done and mentoring the next generation of Navy Leaders!  Our Navy needs your leadership,...

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FY16 Active Duty Chief Results – Cycle 226

 •  August 6

Congratulations to this year’s newest Chief Selectees!  This will certainly be a defining moment in your Navy career. As you embark upon the...

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HUGE Changes to the Navy PRT program – NAVADMIN 178/15

 •  August 3

Today, Navy Personnel Command released NAVADMIN 178/15 (see below), which incorporates sweeping changes to the U.S. Navy's Physical Fitness Program...

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MCPON’s Issues CPO 365 Phase II Guidance

 •  July 29

In expectance of the Cycle 226 FY16 CPO Board results next week, MCPON Stevens issued the following CPO 365 Phase II Guidance. According to...

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Walt Disney World Armed Forces Salute Extended!

 •  July 27

Walt Disney Parks & Recreation has officially extended it's FY15 Armed Forces Salute program, which previously expired on October 3, 2015, for its...

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FY16 Active CPO Board Results Schedule – Cycle 226

 •  July 27

All Hands Magazine just announced the release schedule for the FY16 Active Duty Chief Selection Board (Cycle 226) results.

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